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Local Andover artist Steve Harrington-Ellsmore, for years an outsider artist with no training, recently graduated in fine art sculpture with a live in installation at Winchester School of Art. The Piece was called 'My Life is my work is my art'. A lot of Steve's early work includes collages, worked with oils and depicting scenes to rival a Bosch or Dali landscape. Peter Blake and Alexander Thynn (Marquess of Bath) among others have been impressed by these surreal images. The B.A. Degree show @ W.S.A. with Steve's Bus, Collaged Caravan and Festival installation on the front lawn attracted press and public. There were many comments in favor of the "hippie encampment" with only one lady being incensed by the presence commenting that she found it "As distasteful as that Tracy Wotsits unmade bed." An accolade indeed. Steve's eye for faces just has to be seen, his colour portraits some taken from the photographs of Edward. S. Curtis are an example of the commission work that Steve is seeking. These along with the 3d collagesculptures & other fine art, original collage/paintings and his installations are part of the workshops he is taking into the public sector, including schools, charity groups etc; Steve is also DJ SH-E, a retro (no messin') lover of 60/70s vinyl 45's (with some 80/90s) & plays Pubs, Clubs & parties. Also watch out for 'Shemanic Art Garden Gallery' with the Collaged Caravan @ a Festival (or show) in the South of England.