“Crystal Clear.”

“It’s crystal clear now, nature chooses, gaia calls us.
We must gather, tread new ways, live new days.
It’s crystal clear now, doorways open, old paths cross.
Out of darkness, shine new lights, clearing sight.

I cry aloud, wonder and surprises.
Old friends in new disguises.
Music lifts and onward drives us.
Rainbow folk amid the chaos.

Hawks and doves, both have their say.
War and peace, all games to play.
So, take things easy, move with care.
Don’t forget, we’re nearly there.

Earth is moving, events unfolding.
Gaia’s children, together holding on,
Time is turning, thoughts’ awoken.
Fires start burning to be our token.

Now’s the moment, seize the day.
Find your element, have your say.
Tread softly, friend, realize our power.
As we draw closer to the hour,
Of great decisions.

The Nations move against our kin,
The same is mirrored from within,
As we see,
Tribes are warring on our streets,
Trouble’s boiling at our feet.
So, friends I say,
Evoke your power, discover self,
Project beyond, this shell we are.

And see for certain, gaia’s children
All must be, bathed in love, eternally.
As we gather, party, heal and share,
Inspire, create, so radiant and clear.

Each child, each jewel, come shining through.
To become, one of the renewed.

It’s crystal clear now, nature chooses, gaia calls us.
We must gather, tread new ways, live new days.”

“Irate Primate Rap.”

“From the top of my pate, I often orate, (some would say prate)
On the dealings of primates and how they propagate.

Sometimes I postulate, on how this monkey skates,
From swamp to business corporate, as he breeds and over populates.

My ramblings oft perambulate, from crystal clear to rose agate,
About demonic potentates, who rule, surreal life portraits.

This “god-like” novitiate, sowed and reaped and killed and ate.
Mother nature he invalidates, smiles, as on us all he defecates.

This upwardly mobile human ape, trod traps, built walls and laid bait.
Familiar bonds that dissipate, we survive, resist, stand tall, mutate.

As a verbal pirate, I will pen of life’s freight,
Till storm clouds abate from sanctuary’s gate.

I will always castigate, the closed eyes that dilate,
As they try to recreate a womb, embrace, elate.
They will satiate, then deteriorate.

So now I sit and meditate, on wrongs we humans tolerate,
By those who in panic violate, as Nostrodamii souls predate,
What may be left on our ancestral plate.

Is it two thousand and 3, 5, 6 or 8?
Are we too early or too late?
From which point in time do we base our date?
Do we believe in destiny, chance or fate?

So, now I sit and watch pupate,
Amid tattered fragments of times and dates,
The memories of friends, contacts, mates,
Feeling, caring, sharing primates,
Loving, knowing, daring primates,
New beginnings, new dimensions, we create.

We must know we can alterate,
Our future, order, destiny, fate.
Not some god, prophet, calendar or date.

So, now sit back and watch pupate,
New love, new life, regenerate.” S.H-E.

“Shape Shift.”

Sat here in the silent spaces between
What I am now,
And what I have been.
I am reminded, again of things
Yet to come, things that
Have not yet been seen.

Knowing inside of me,
With surety, clarity,
That all is, just as it should be.
Sat here, comfortably,
In spaces between friends,
Working towards our similar ends.

Silently, patiently, moving on,
Doing our own will
Believing! We Are Strong.
So unafraid, shining on brightly,
Being true to self,
And treading our worlds lightly.

Shifting between the realities
In shapes we once knew,
Finding our true selves anew.
We are a new people
We are an old people
The same people, deeper than before.